"Our company offers a diverse range of tobacco products tailored to meet the varied preferences of consumers worldwide. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and responsible manufacturing practices, we take pride in delivering exceptional products that satisfy discerning tastes."

Our cigarette range encompasses four distinct sizes to cater to different smoking experiences and preferences: 64 mm, 65 mm, 69 mm, 84 mm and Super Slims (97 mm)


Our premium cigar line features two sizes renowned for their craftsmanship and rich flavour profiles available in 97 mm and 128 mm


Compact yet flavourful, our cigarillos are perfect for those seeking a quick and convenient smoke without compromising on quality. Available in an array of enticing flavours, they offer a satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes. Our cigarillo range boasts a single size option 108 mm


Tobacco for Procurement and Processing of Cut Rag: We supply premium-quality tobacco meticulously selected for its aroma, flavour, and consistency, ideal for the procurement and processing of cut rag used in various tobacco products.