Migrant Employees Salary:

Meeting all Expenses- No Budgetary Support-
Since the migration of about 96 employees in 1990, the company has paid Rs.1195.10 lacs to its migrant employees on account of their salary till end of March, 2009. This expenditure has been met by the company from its own resources without any budgetary support from the Govt. This is an extra burden on this company.

Contribution to State Development

The Company is providing employment to more than one thousand Semi-skilled, skilled, specialized and super specialized people directly or indirectly. In addition to this about 200 Distributors and Sub-Dealers are engaged in Sale Promotion of our Cement. The Company has played significant role in the development of the State and is also a major contributor in construction of major projects like Hydle Power Projects, Water Treatment Plants, Bridges, Canals etc. The Company is supplying cement in bulk quantities to Leh, Kargil, Defiance Services, State P.W.D., Power Dev. Corporation.

Contribution to Exchequer

The Company is making a significant contribution every year towards State and Central exchequer in the shape of a number of levies. During the financial year 2008-09, the company paid Rs.1003.77 lacs (Rs.607.83 lacs as Excise duty, Rs.158.88 lacs as toll tax, Rs.177.10 lacs as Income tax, Rs.58.80 lacs as Royalty and Rs.1.16 lacs as Cess) to Central and State Exchequer. Since the inception, the company has paid Rs.15772.67 lacs upto end of March, 2009, (Excise Duty Rs.7727.27 lacs, State Sales Tax Rs.4626.20 lacs, Toll Tax Rs.1528.17 lacs, Income Tax Rs.1032.35 lacs, Royalty Rs.835.61 lacs and Cess Rs.22.57 lacs) to State and Central Exchequers.

Human Resources Development and Workers-Management relations:

The Company undertakes various refresher/training courses for its employees. These courses are at times conducted in Plant, but mostly, these are at locations outside the State. Employees are encouraged to participate in these courses in order to get themselves acquainted with the latest techniques/ technology and developments in Cement industry besides exposure in allied fields. This is a continuous process and Management takes a lot of interest in this activity.During the last few years the relations between Workers and Management have improved a lot and the workmen are keenly attending their duties. The workers are efficiently working towards achieving the maximum productivity.

Surrounding Development

The surrounding area of the plant have been developed by way of plantation in and around the plant, Construction of compound wall and single storey building for Girls School, major contribution in construction of Hospital building, development of sports field etc. More so, the Company has kept a provision of Rs.10 lacs in its current year's budget for development activities in the local area.The activities shall be taken in hand after consulting the local representatives of the area.

Environmental Care

It has always remained a top most endeavor of the company to make the surrounding environment eco-friendly. In order to achieve this goal, the company has adopted dual mode of operation. On one hand it has taken the steps and brought all the sections under pollution control by installing the Electro Stating Precipitators (ESP's)/Gas Conditioning Towers (GCTs) on its kilns and Reveres Pulse Jet (RPJ ) System of anti Pollution devices on rest of the sections. Both the systems are working satisfactorily. The maintenance of these systems is always on the priority list of the company.

With the help of these systems, we have been able to reduce the emission to a level below 50mg/Nm3 which is much lower than the permissible level.On the other hand, the Company has taken steps to involve the natural process in making the surrounding atmosphere more eco-friendly by developing green belts by planting trees in its surrounding area. We have managed to increase our green belts area at site by planting more and more popular trees.